Stephen Hawking
A brief history of time


Why do I do this to myself? I've already tried four or five times to read the book (well, reading is one thing, understanding it is another) but when I get to the part with the black holes... lost, lost, lost.

Why would I carry the book to my island anyway? I do not know exactly. I think that perhaps I would be more... patient... with sunshine, the wind in my hair and the salty smell of water. Maybe I wouldn't give up so easily. Maybe I would be so bored reading the other 10 books in my suitcase that I would have no other choice than to sit down and don't put the book away until I'd understand it. Maybe.

I know, it is only a glimpse of hope. But what is life without hope. And maybe wisdom comes with old age. I'm on my way :-)


Stephen Hawking's Universe