Stephen King
The Dark Tower

I - The Gunslinger
II - The drawing of the three
III - The Waste lands
IV - Wizard and glass
V - Wolves of the Calla
VI - Song of Susannah
VII (September 2004) - The Dark Tower


Everybody who says 'yeah, well, this Stephen King, he is that horror author, isn't he?' should take his time to read the first six volumes of the Dark Tower.

I can still remember how I put 'The Gunslinger' down after the first few pages, quite disappointed, because it was so unlike 'IT' or 'Misery'. But after a few days my curiosity came back and after reading three chapters I was addicted. It's unbelievable that this was 20 years ago. Right now I'm reading 'Song of Susannah', the 6th volume, on the market only for a few weeks. It is good - really good - and I'm looking forward the the end of September when it finally will be done :-)

What's it about? Well, I have to admit that I can't put it together in a few words. Basically the Dark Tower is the framework of everything Stephen King has ever written. Every other novel takes place in one of the many worlds connected to the Dark Tower. As far as I'm concerned, the Dark Tower is a masterpiece like Tolkien's 'Lord of the rings'.


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