In this gallery you will find photos from a vacation in Alaska 2004 (Anchorage). With your mousepointer over a thumbnail you will get more information. Please click the thumbnail to open the picture in a new window. All images have a size of 950x650 pixel or 100-180KB. Enjoy your holidays!

Chugach Mountains

In the Chugach Mountains the weather cleared first, as did our mood. For the first time we could understand and enjoy the huge dimension of the Alaskan landscape. For the first time we saw a valley glacier and could take a hike on ice. And for the first time we had a sunset that deserved the name. Furthermore... for the first time we sah a moose cow with offspring, beautiful fireweed and many other plants

For many tourists the Chugach Mountains will just be a passing-through-mountain-range. Which is a shame, really. You could spend many days there, driving, hiking, climbing, rafting, having a really good time.

1.-6. Chugach Mountains
The Chugach Mountains are beautiful. Period. There is the pink fireweed, glaciers around every corner, thousands of possible photo motivs.

7.-14. Fire and Ice
These pictures were taken at Matanuska Glacier. My personal favorite is image no. 11

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