Movies at home? In the big theater movies are even bigger. Yippie, I can pay my ticket!

Below on the right you will find my all-time-favorites. How I expected for a long time, I had to sacrifice one of the former TOP-11 for the 'Lord of the rings' trilogy. Shame for 'Road to Perdition'.

Seen lately: The Day after Tomorrow, which I liked in spite of the few little leaks in the script and Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, which I loved. My favorite from last year was Identity.

Now I'm looking forward to a thrilling 3rd quarter of 2004, starting with Shrek 2 and continuing with Spiderman 2. Well, looks like sequel time to me...

Before I forget it: you shouldn't forget television. Right now I have to recommend 24. There is nothing better in TV right now. And that's not just my opinion but that of many fans and award juries all over the world. I'm looking forward to Season 4.

My Top-11 Movie-Links

Cinema - Europes moviemagazine No. 1 (german) - Links for everything concerning movies (german)
Corso - My Movie-theater (german)
Internet Movie Database - perfect database
IMDB Deutschland - the same in (german)
Movie Review Database
Roger Ebert - my favorite critic
Schroders Filmposter - (german)
Academy of Motion Pictures - the Oscars
Golden Globe Awards - the Globes
Cinemaxx - Movie-theaters (german)


Die 11 Filme für meine einsame Insel

Blade RunnerDead Poets SocietyLord of the ringsAmerican BeautyMatrixTitanicTerminator 2, Judgment DayStar WarsStand by meRunning on EmptyShakespeare in Love

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