In this gallery you will find photos from a vacation in Australia 2000 (Fraser Island). With your mousepointer over a thumbnail you will get more information. Please click the thumbnail to open the picture in a new window. All images have a size of 950x650 pixel or 70-150KB. Enjoy your holidays!

Fraser Island

So much went wrong that Fraser Island shouldn't have been no fun at all. At first we were too late in the evening and missed our ferry. Then our vehicle (supposed to be 4WD, well... supposed) remained stuck in the deep sand and failed us for two complete days afterwards. And then we had the only day of rain in the whole vacation.

How come that Fraser Island became one of the highlights nevertheless? Because the island is simply too beautiful to be ruined by smaller problems as told above...

And what do you do without vehicle? You walk. And walk. And walk. Well, we did. Walking limits the range somehow and on one day I was close to have one of my legs amputated, but it really was a lot of fun.

I know, it sounds a bit exaggerated: but if there is a paradies somewhere in the world, then it really could be Fraser Island. At least for the animals.

1. On the Bar (II)
Another picture with the same name can be seen in the gallery 'Great Barrier Reef'. Like us the sea gulls stared on the ferry sailing away unter our noses

2. Morning
Beautiful atmosphere on Fraser Island. First it didn't look like we were having a nice sunrise at all. But then the sun showed up anyway

3. Leaf
A single leaf in the rainforest, spoiled by rays of light

4. Dingo
On the first evening the wild dogs emerged and crawled around our tents. We were quite nice to them and made them leave very politely and carefully (otherwise they would have eaten anything lying around). As a small thank you for our considerate behavior a few of the Dingos came back the next day for a photo shoot

5. Lonely bird
At first we were under the impression that the bird was tied to the tree, every time we came past the tree at the tiny lake it was there. Unfortunately the light was a bit too dark. But despite the bird being out of focus i still like the picture

6-8. Kokaburra
Another bird presented itself for a photo session. Up to ten photographers moved around the animal. It remained sitting and kind of grinned at us. The name (laughing) Kokaburra does it justice. The cry of the birds is very similar to the human laughter. So now you might be able to unterstand how it sounds, when hundreds of Kokaburras 'talk to each other'

9. View
This fellow was a bit more shy. One step closer as shown here... and he was gone

10. Water
My shadow in crystal-clear fresh water at Lake Birrabeen

12. Dew
The day of our departure, directly after sunrise, the trees almost steamed

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