In this gallery you will find photos from a daytrips to Fruehlingsfest (volksfest) in Stuttgart. With your mousepointer over a thumbnail you will get more information. Please click the thumbnail to open the picture in a new window. All images have a size of 1100x750 Pixel or 150-210KB.


Stuttgarts Frühlingsfest takes place every year around the end of April and is the little brother of the substantially more well-known Volksfest, which again is the (very) little brother of the Munich Oktoberfest. The beer prices on the Frühlingsfest are astronomic, the food prices likewise and after enjoying several rides - like savage mouse, revolution or the cannon ball - your pockets are empty and your weakened stomach might be empty too :-)

But photographicly speaking the Frühlingsfest is very attrative. You can play with speed and light and specially during blue hour some interesting effects are possible.

I have tried to catch movement and speed in my images and hope you like it.

1. Wild Water
Help, the waterfront is waiting

2. Nemo
Although it might be forgotten history in a few years... I really liked the movie - and Nemo of course

3.-4. Collective Insanity
I believe I am too old and my stomach is too sensitive: -)

5. Rest
On weekdays business might be boring

6. Close to the moon
You can only get closer with the Ferris wheel

7.-9. Ferris and Co
Two rides in the blue hour

10.-12. Speed
The Polyp - a marvelous photo object for colors and lights

13. Olympic 8
1200 meters in 90 seconds for 5 Euro - is it worth it?

14. Breakdance
Close to the polyp in geniality

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